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About Therapy - I offer counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling might be more appropriate to help you through a difficulty that has arisen recently such as a bereavement or a relationship breakdown. Counselling would be once weekly - open ended. You might feel ready to leave after a few months.


Psychotherapy works with more complex and established difficulties that are often a result of childhood experiences. This approach is a good way to address more general feelings of sadness or feeling ‘something’s not quite right’. This work would also be once weekly and would be open ended. You would take as much time as you want to take.


In both counselling and psychotherapy the relationship between the individual and the therapist is very important. At times, we might consider the way you relate to me as a way of exploring some of the difficulties you might have relating to people in other areas of your life. This first hand experience can offer great insight and help you address detrimental ways you might be relating to people.

I also offer sessions via telephone, Whatsapp and Skype.


Beginning Therapy

It is not uncommon to feel unsure or hesitant about seeking help. A preliminary session or sessions is an opportunity for you to meet me and consider if you think it would be helpful for you to continue. There is no commitment to ongoing work at this stage.


If you do decide to continue, we will both commit to a regular day and time that we can meet for once weekly work. This commitment and frequency is an important part of the work.


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